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The sun was setting on a cold winter Sunday in February.

The sky was clear and the snow was slowly melting away.

It was time for my afternoon walk in the park.

I had put on my warmest clothes and hurried over to the park in an effort to catch the last rays of sunshine.

No sooner had I entered the park, that a warm sound took me by suprise. I stopped and turned to look at the tree next to me. And there it was: a beautiful tree-sparrow, singing and jumping from branch to branch.

I hurried home and fetched my camera.

And, upon my return, I found an entire flock of tree sparrows sitting on the highest tree branches, trying to warm up before the sun had completely faded away.

A lonely raven was trying to regain his strength while resting atop a tall poplar.

And an airplane shone as bright a star as it crossed the azure skyline.

I've had an uplifting afternoon walk (even though my hands were frozen from operating the camera) and I hope these photos bring a touch of warmth in your hearts.

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