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2008 has come to an end.

Many good things have happened to us as a family and to me in particular. I shall only highlight one.

As you've probably noticed, the most important change brought upon myself and my mother is the weight loss.

I have lost approximately 45 kilograms in a little over 7 months. And my mother has lost almost 30 kilograms in 5 months.

These photos are meant to be a memento of where we are now and how we intend to welcome 2009 and the many years to come.

And a big hug to Teodora, our neighbours' granddaughter, who, as always, has delighted us with her presence and, for the first time, has sung our traditional New Year's Eve carol.

A Joyful and Peaceful 2009 to All of You!

P.S. I shall remove the red-eye effect as soon as I discover a proper tool.

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