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After a long and fruitful day at the office, I was very fortunate to spend the evening at the skating field found just outside the mall.

Just to make things clear from the very beginning, I've never ever skated in my life. So, even though I was a bit (well, maybe more than a bit) reluctant to try skating, I went ahead and rented a pair of skates. With such convincing friends, 'no' is hardly an option on the menu.

Naturally, finding skates big enough to fit my feet (especially my left foot), turned out to be unsuccessful. My idea of a size 46 pair of skates didn't seem to match the renter's actual pair. So, even though I repeatedly tried to fit in my left foot (I had somehow managed to squeeze in the right one), I ended up leaving the skates and turning back to my regular shoes (finely chilled).

But there's a bright side to this story.

Having had to sit out the skating session, I was able to look after everyone else personal belongings (to everyone else's relief) and, more importantly, take the photos in this gallery.

So, even though my feet turned numb and my fingers started turning stiff and my teeth began to chatter (I have waited more than an hour for my friends to arrive and the body-warming effects of the Venti-sized Caramel Latte Macchiato from Starbucks had already become a thing of the past), I pulled through the one-hour skating session (totalling a two-hour stay in the cold) and got these photos.

Thank you Diana, Adeline, Anemarie, Viorel and Ramona for a lovely evening (which ended with a serious round of karaoke at the nearby San Marzano pizza parlor).

I hope you enjoy the photos, because I've definitely enjoyed taking them! :)

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