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Yes, carrot. And it's suprisingly delicious.

I'd like to say that, comparing to almonds, blanching hazelnuts is one of the most time consuming tasks I've ever done. Spending more than an hour and half peeling no more than 100 grams of hazelnuts really takes its toll on one's patience. But I've pulled it through. :)

I wanted the cake to have a bright yellow-orange colour, just like the sun, and I'm very happy to have achieved it. :)

To give you an idea of what it tastes like: combine the taste of your regular sponge cake and that of Hanuta hazelnut cream. It's a very rich taste and cake (I can hardly eat more than two slices in one sitting).

All in all, except for the hazelnut blanching session, the cake does not take a lot of time to make. If anyone's interested in the recipe, feel free to contact me.

Bon appétit! :)

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