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To my surprise and fortune, I have met two Romanians from Tomesti, Timis.

Emanuel came to the Czech Republic 10 years ago when the glass factory in Tomesti closed its doors. A year ago, he brought his wife and son over and taught his son to work glass in less than a month. They've been working together ever since.

They let me blow glass and allowed me to take a look in the oven (I felt the large amount of heat just by standing close to it).

And they've constantly told me that the heat makes them talk quite a lot about "nasty" things. To demonstrate, Emanuel son told one of his colleagues (who naturally doesn't understand a word of Romanian) to greet me in a very particular fashion: "P..a mare!"

We all broke into laughter.

The whole experience felt as if Christmas came then and there.

I am truly grateful to have met them.

My thanks go out to my guide who introduced me to them.

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